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Live - 15:30OGN Champions: SKT2 vs CJF (3rd/4th Place)
Live - 16:00DTDV 3: Week 13
Live - 16:00SW8 Qualif.: WE vs OMG (Semifinal)
»04:54:49«CyberGamer Challenge: Day 1
»05:09:49«EUW Challenger: Colossi vs Mouz (Final)
01:00-07:00WPC: Finals
03:00-05:30Liga Samsung Invit.: Day 1
05:00-07:00Pentacast: Riot vs Community
12:00-16:00NLB: KT-B vs NJSW (Semifinal)
12:00-14:30SW8 Qualif.: 3rd Place Match
14:00-16:00DTDV 3: Week 13
14:00-17:00JCG: Open Class
14:00-16:15TeSL: Round 2, Week 8
03:00-05:30Liga Samsung Invit.: Final
13:00-14:00GPL: KLH vs ahq
14:00-15:00GPL: BKT vs MLE
15:00-16:00GPL: TPA vs SF5
16:30-18:15TeSL: Round 2, Week 8
17:00-22:00Dr.Pepper Tournament: SK Qualif. #1
11:00-17:00LoLPro EU ARAM: Day 3


OGN Champions: SKT2 vs CJF (3rd/4th Place) (Professional)
11:30-15:30   Countdown
Olympus OGN The Champions Spring Season 2013 Casters: MonteCristo & Doa Best of 5 3rd Place Match: SK Telecom T1 #2 vs CJ Entus Frost Twitch Stream (English)
Viewer: 33927 | Status: OGN LOL Champions Spring 2013 LIVE :: 3rd Place Match :: SKT T1 #2 vs. CJ Frost | Host: Twitch | Popout: click »
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